This week the coroner’s report was released from the tragic and preventable death of Christiane Vadnais, who was killed in her backyard by her neighbours dog. Mrs. Vadnais lived in the borough of Anjou, which is part of Montreal, QC.

First and foremost I’d like to state that it is unacceptable for anyone to be killed by a dog in their own back yard.

In this particular case there are a few glaring points that add to the tragic circumstances.

-There was supposed to have been a follow up done with the dog owner regarding the dangerousness of the dog after the first biting incident took place in 2015. This was never done.

-If there had been a follow through of checking in on the dog, the likelihood is high that she would still be alive today.

-There were serious concerns for the containment of the dog.

-Although the owner of the dog stated the dog was well looked after, the evidence pointed otherwise. The dog allegedly didn’t receive enough socialization with animals or people, cleanliness was an issue and general care of the dog seemed well below standard.

If any city or municipality assumes control of dangerous dog bylaw and control the onus must then fall on the city or municipality to do all in it’s power to ensure effective laws are put in place and they are strictly enforced in order to protect the public.

In this case the dog was involved in previous serious biting incidents and there was to be follow up. The lack of follow up and follow through is a large contributing factor to Mrs. Vadnais’s death.

The fact that the dog owner was not charged with any wrong doing is outrageous. That would speak to the fact that all onus was put on the dog and no responsibility or accountability is assumed by the dog owner or the city.

To blame a dog’s breed and in this case the dog was a mix breed dog, is ludicrous. It states there was a DNA test done and the result said…

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