Who We Are


My name is Debbie Black and ten years ago, April 26th, myself and Violetta M. founded the Ontario Pit bull Co-op. We did so to form a “community”. The name “pit bull” co-operative is not simply a name, but due to my background in living and working in co-operative communities, we fashioned our community with that concept in mind. The co-op started as a means to support dogs and owners through the difficult times that BSL presented us with.

Our inspiration of course, the two founding dogs, my Rocky Black and Violet’s, Messina but very early in the “game” while the co-op was in it’s infancy, another special dog came along and honoured us with her company for the next almost ten years… that dog, as all of our members know, was Zelda Nista.

Many awesome dogs and owner’s followed after that and you will get a chance to meet them through our blogs, our pictures and our videos.

Of course, owning or loving a dog that may be vulnerable under Ontario’s BSL has never been easy. We had always hoped that the co-op would make it to ten plus years but we envisioned this milestone to be BSL Free. Now with many of our beloved early canine members passing and the rest ten years old plus, we, the humans will have to be the ambassadors, as more and more, they are not able to do what they did so well….. just being great, loving dogs who changed hearts just by being themselves.

So before I shed tears, let me let me give you a brief outline of what you can expect from our site in the near future. We will have Position statements, Information regarding the status of BSL, General information for dog owners, Guest and Co-op members blogs, Videos, Photos, Event info….. and a whole lot of other good stuff.

Once again Welcome and I hope you will feel part of our community!

“I own a dog and I vote.”